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          *- Non-recurring character

          NameSeen First In:Who s/he is
          * Allison, Mrs.DanishQwill did a story on her "residence for professional girls" for his Gracious Abodes feature magazine. Little did he know, her boardinghouse was actually a brothel.
          Alstock, VirginiaWhistlePolly Duncan's assistant at the Pickax Library and the woman who helps Celia Robinson learn her way around Moose County. Big into gossip.
          (full name is Amberina Kowbel)
          On/OffOne of the "Three Weird Sisters." The sisters run an antique shop in Junktown called the same. Amberina later shows up to interest Qwill in buying and restoring the Casablanca in High.
          * Amberton, LisaCardinalWife of Chase. Does quite a bit with their horse farm (lessons, tack shop, etc)
          * Amberton, W. ChaseCardinalOwns a horse farm. Anxious to sell it and move to a warmer climate.
          * AmyMountainGirlfriend/fiancee of Forest Beechum. They have a two-month-old son together (Ashley). Amy runs Amy's Lunch Bucket.
          Appelhardt, Elizabeth Cage
          a.k.a. Elizabeth Hart or
          Elizabeth Cage
          BreakfastA young, parentally sheltered woman who Qwill meets on his stay at Breakfast Island. He rescues her after a snake had bitten her, and she decides to come back to Pickax with him to get away from her repressive family.
          * Appelhardt, JackBreakfastElizabeth's brother. Seems to be a professional bridegroom - keeps getting married and then running home to Mom for her to get him out of it.
          * Appelhardt, RichardBreakfast"Ricky." Elizabeth's brother. Veterinarian.
          * Appelhardt, RowenaBreakfastElizabeth's mother. Powerful voice. Very overbearing and overprotective of Elizabeth.
          * Appelhardt, WilliamBreakfastElizabeth's brother. Went to law school but hasn't passed the bar exam. Restores carriages.
          * Ascott, Mrs.Undergroundpsychic from Lockmaster. Very large, old.

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