The Cat Who Said Cheese

          The Great Food Explo, which the Moose County Something is sponsoring, is a giant food festival of sorts that lasts about a week. Qwill is enthusiastically looking forward to this event, for it caters to the gastronome in him. It also promises to provide samples of delicacies for the finicky Siamese. Among the list of events is a men's only cooking class, a brand new series of restaurants on Stables Row (a row of former stables restored to house several small eating establishments and food related businesses), a pasty contest, an exclusive black tie cheese tasting party held in Qwill's apple barn, and more.

          But much of the attention of the locals is focused on the mystery woman in Pickax. The Pickaxians invent numerous wild and downright ludicrous explanations for her presence, when in reality she is running from a yet unknown man who has a murderous streak. He plants a bomb in the New Pickax Hotel (bringing a new, unfortunate connotation to the name of the food festival), killing an employee, and then he proceeds to try and "take out" the two witnesses who can identify him. He succeeds once, but not again. By yowling at certain words that seemingly mean absolutely nothing to Qwill's informal "investigation," Koko provides clues that lead Qwill to the identity of the bomber/murderer.

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