The Cat Who Went Into The Closet

          Koko's obsession with closets provides Qwill with a lot of information on a devastating forest fire that destroyed much of Moose County in the late 1800's. With that, Qwill composes a live docu-drama called The Big Burning to be put on and sponsored by the Moose County Something. Hixie Rice acts as his producer. At one of the showings of the Big Burning, Qwill meets a young woman named Nancy Fincher, who confides that her father is missing, and just before he disappeared he had been spending excessive amounts of money on farm improvements.

          Meanwhile, Euphonia Roff Gage, former owner of the giant mansion that Qwill is renting for the winter (it has been willed to Junior Goodwinter, her grandson), dies , apparently a victim of suicide, in her home in Florida. She resides in a trailer park designed for older people called The Park of Pink Sunsets. Qwill doesn't like the thought of such a vibrant woman full of energy and lover of life taking her own life. He also doesn't buy the idea of Gil Inchpot, Nancy's father, disappearing voluntarily right before a harvest.

          Qwill calls down to Florida and has a chat with Celia Robinson, Euphonia's neighbor. She has no ideas at to any sort of motive behind the suicide, but she is able to shed some light onto how the residents of the Park live their lives down there. The managers of the park are people named Betty and Claude, and they are included in some recent pictures of Euphonia that Celia sends to Qwill. Qwill notes that Betty and Claude look awfully familiar, but he can't place them until he remembers the strangers that the premier of the Big Burning. Nobody comes to Pickax just for the heck of it. They usually have a reason. With these suspicions in mind, Qwill has Celia working as his Florida affiliate, and he calls her Agent 007. He provides her with funding and assignments designed to find out how guilty Betty and Claude really are.

          Koko's preoccupation with closets produces many interesting items. He retrieves things related to feet, purple stuff, and other items of interest, such as a gold signet ring thought to belong to Junior's grandfather.

          Qwill is invited to be the best man at Arch Riker's wedding to Mildred Hanstable over Christmas but the holiday celebration is cut short by the disappearance of the Siamese. Qwill rushes home on a dogsled and discovered that the gage mansion has been burglarized, and the cats have reappeared! The burglar is still trapped in the elevator, and the discovery of who he is and who he's affiliated with helps Qwill figure out why Euphonia and Gil died.

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