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          *- Non-recurring character

          NameSeen First In:Who s/he is
          * Dingleberry, AdamGhosts98 year old mortician; oldest mortician in the area.
          Dolman, OnaCheeseSee Onoosh Dolmathakia
          Dolmathakia, OnooshCheeseNew woman in town. The whole town of Pickax talks about her constantly and speculates about her intentions. Uses an alias Ona Dolman because she's hiding from her ex-husband. She opens a Mediterranean restaurant in Pickax.
          Doone, KevinPost OfficeGardener and landscaper. He also writes a gardening column for the Moose County Something.
          * Ducker, James HenryWhistleGoes by the name Benno. Assistant to Eddie Trevelyan while building Polly Duncan's home. Killed in a bar brawl.
          Duckworth, MaryBackwardsOwner of the Blue Dragon in Junktown. Because of the name of her shop and her attitude/demeanor in general, she is nicknamed The Dragon by many people. Her real name is Mary Duxbury, which is a big name, but she adopts Duckworth to avoid association with (and eventual embarrassment to) the Duxbury name.
          * duLac, GeorgeBreakfastDrowns in the hotel pool on Pear Island.
          * duLac, NoisetteBreakfastOwner of a highly suspect antique shop on Pear Island (in other words, it's doubtful that many of her things are genuine). Speaks French and baffles Qwill by avoiding publicity in the paper.
          Duncan, LynetteBreakfastPolly Duncan's sister. She's highly into volunteerism and preservation. She works at the Goodwinter Clinic. She's the last of the Duncans by blood. She lives in the old Duncan homestead, which is located on Pleasant Street, affectionately referred to as Gingerbread Alley. She marries Carter Lee James and dies on her honeymoon in New Orleans.
          Duncan, PollyShakespeareHead librarian in Pickax. Also Qwill's current and main love interest. She and Qwill refuse to get married because they are both comfortable with living their own single lives together, and besides, Qwill claims that their cats are incompatible. Polly's father was a scholar of Shakespeare and named all of his children after Shakespearean characters. Polly came from Hippolyta of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Once married, but her husband was killed in a barn fire.
          * Dunfield, Buford (Buck)BrahmsFormer Mooseville police chief. Retired to craft candlesticks for Mildred Hanstable to sell for charity. Ironically, he was found murdered, with the murder weapon being one of his candlesticks.
          * Dunwoody, RaymondHighFriend of Charlotte Roop. She mistakenly calls him Mr. "Dimwitty" and for some reason that doesn't seem that far removed from the truth. He lost his right ear in a dynamite explosion, and his ear is bandaged after having numerous plastic surgeries on it.
          Duxbury, MaryBackwardsSee Mary Duckworth
          Duxbury, PercivalBackwardsMary Duxbury's father. Banker at Midwest National Bank.

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