The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern

          A special supplement to the weekend edition of the Daily Fluxion is offered to Qwill. It is to be a magazine featuring local architecture and design. The title? Gracious Abodes. Atrocious title, but Qwill accepts the assignment to keep it from going over to the Women's Department.

          The first feature lined up for the supplement is the house of George Verning Tait, a home decorated solely to display and enhance Tait's priceless (but if you HAD to set a value, think at least $750,000) jade collection. While photographing this "gracious abode," Qwill (and Odd Bunsen, the photographer) meets Paolo, the houseboy: Signe, Tait's wife; and Freya, a nervous, petite female Siamese cat.

          Shortly after the premiere edition of the supplement hits the newsstands, Tait's entire precious collection disappears with the exception of a small piece found behind Paolo's bed. Paolo, meanwhile, disappears. Given the circumstances, one immediately suspects the houseboy, but Qwill doesn't buy into that theory. Also, the same night as the robbery, Signe Tait has a fatal attack, therefore abandoning Freya, as Tait never liked the cat anyway.

          As a result of his new assignment, Qwill is invited to parties given and attended by interior designers. At one given by David Lyke, a likeable designer, he runs into Harry Noyton, a wealthy Chicago businessman. They become friends, and seeing as how Qwill is finding himself in need of a place to stay, Noyton offers him the use of his apartment.

          Then Lyke is found murdered in his apartment by Qwill and Koko, and by coughing up wool (and liking pictures!), Koko delivers clues that solve both mysteries.

          As a side note, in an attempt to figure out why Koko has been eating wool, Qwill takes him to a "psyCATatrist" and learns that Koko is merely lonely. So, Freya comes to live with Qwill and Koko, and becomes Yum Yum.

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