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          *- Non-recurring character

          NameSeen First In:Who s/he is
          * Farhar, NoelBackwardsArt museum director. Adverse publicity and review from art critic Montclemens forces him to resign his position.
          FerdinandHighFormer wrestler called Ferdie Le Bull. Now houseman, butler, and bodyguard for Miss Adelaide Plumb.
          * Fetter, DonaldCheeseSom of Elaine Fetter. Grows shiitake mushrooms as a therapeutic hobby. He's wheelchair-bound because of a car accident. His father was killed in that same accident.
          * Fetter, ElaineCheeseLives in West Middle Hummock. Takes credit for others accomplishments, such as her son's shiitake mushrooms. She's also a gourmet cook, volunteers at many places, and loves getting her name in the paper.
          * Fincher, DanClosetSheriff's deputy, once married to Nancy Fincher.
          * Fincher, NancyClosetBreeds and races sled dogs. She also helps Qwill with the Big Burning performances after Hixie Rice falls off the stage and breaks her foot.
          Finney, RhodaGhostsSee Rhoda Tibbitt
          Fish-eye, Mrs.GhostsQwill and Arch Riker's high school English teacher. Taught Qwill to be able to write a thousand words on anything with little or no notice. Real name is Martha V. Snyder.
          * Fitch, Belle UrkleGlueHarley's wife from Chipmunk. One of Mrs. Fitch's maids before she and Harley married. Was killed at age 21 in her own home when she was pregnant.
          Fitch, DavidPost OfficeHarley's twin brother. Yale graduate. VP at Pickax Bank. Wife is Jill. Very much involved in the theatre club. He's murdered by his brother.
          Fitch, HarleyPost OfficeDavid's twin brother. Also a VP at the Pickax Bank. Spent a year in prison (vehicular manslaughter, or something along those lines) before he married Belle. Model ship builder.
          * Fitch, JillGlueDavid's wife. Designs sets and costumes for the Theatre Club.
          * Fitch, MargaretGlueNigel's wife. Suffered a stroke and died after hearing about her son and daughter-in-law's murder.
          Fitch, NigelPost OfficePresident of the Pickax Bank and of the Historical Society. Wife to Margaret. Kills himself after his wife dies from a stroke.
          Fred, FoxyShakespearePickax's auctioneer
          Frobnitz, Ronald?Qwill's alter ego. Whenever he needs to remain anonymous, or just make up a quick falsehood, this is the name he uses.
          Fulgrove, Mrs.Post OfficeQwill's housekeeper. Works six days a week and goes to church three times on Sunday. Likes to complain about cat hair, so Qwill always makes himself scarce when she comes to clean.

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