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          *- Non-recurring character

          NameSeen First In:Who s/he is
          Gage, Euphonia RoffJunior Goodwinter's grandmother. Is what Qwill calls a "purplist," that is, a lover of purple and believer of the energy it carries. Eighty-eight years old. Dies at the Park of Pink Sunsets in Florida. Qwill doesn't buy into the suicide theory put forward by the police, and it turns out he's right.
          Gippel, ScottPost OfficeCity councilman. Obese and requires two chairs to sit. Also a used-car dealer in Pickax. He's the only businessman to refuse to join the Pickax Boosters.
          Glanz, AndrewOn/OffAntique dealer in Junktown who was killed by a fall onto an antique finial in his shop.
          Glinko's, TheMr. and Mrs. Glinko run a service network out of their home. He "dispatches" the repair people, and Mrs. Glinko keeps the books - she's a "living computer."
          Goode, WetherbyCloseta.k.a. Joe Bunker. Meteorologist for Pickax's radio station, WPKX. Plays piano, specializes in cocktail music. He usually has a literary phrase to match the type of weather he is forecasting.
          Goodwinter, AlexanderBrahmsFanny Klingenschoen's attorney. Very much a "stuffed shirt." He and sister Penelope are partners of a law firm. He is always going to Washington and has a woman there named Ilya Smfska. Killed in a plane crash.
          Goodwinter, AmandaPost OfficeIrascible owner of Amanda's Design Studio. Also a city council member. Once dated Arch Riker, but with her attitude, she's probably the type who will never marry.
          * Goodwinter, EmoryTherea.k.a. Charles Edward Martin. Falsified his death and returns to Pickax to participate in a murder plot with his sister Melinda.
          Goodwinter, EphraimShakespeareFounder of the Pickax Picayune. Senior Goodwinter's grandfather. Was killed by hanging, but there's controversy of whether it was suicide or a lynching.
          * Goodwinter, Gertrude "Gritty"Senoir Goodwinter's wife and mother to Junior. Is the not-so-respectable widow. She sells the Picayune to Don Exbridge at XYZ Enterprises, and the farmhouse to Herb Hackpole. She moves in with Don Exbridge, and is killed in a car crash while going on a trip with Harry Noyton, all within a few weeks of her husband's death.
          Goodwinter, Dr. HalifaxPost OfficeAffectionately called Dr. Hal. Melinda Goodwinter's father and Pickax area doctor. Commits suicide after his wife dies.
          * Goodwinter, Mrs. HalifaxMountainInvalid wife of Dr. Halifax. Dies after a long 15 year illness.
          Goodwinter, JodyShakespeareJunior's wife and a dental hygienist at Dr. Zoller's office in Pickax. She and Junior have a son and a daughter.
          Goodwinter, JuniorBrahmsHusband to Jody and managing editor of the Pickax Picayune when it was still in circulation. Graduated from the state university with a degree in journalism. Now the managing editor of the Moose County Something.

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