The Cat Who Saw Red

          Qwill accepts a position as the food writer for the Daily Fluxion (even though he's trying to follow a diet), and an apartment at Maus Haus. Everyone in these apartments has something to do with either art or food. Amazingly enough, one of the people living there is Joy Wheatley Graham, Quill's former sweetheart. She's married now, and Qwill's crazy jealous, but he's still thrilled so see her after all this time. He learns that she and her husband are potters, Joy being by far more talented. She comes to him and confides that she is going to divorce her husband, and her only obstacle is money. Having won $1000 in the writing contest at the Fluxion, Qwill consults his checkbook and figures he can afford to give her a loan of $750. In the middle of his first night there, he hears a woman's scream and feels a tingling on his moustache. Something's up, and it's not good.

          Koko has learned how to play on the typewriter. He leaves messages such as 30 (old newspaper symbol for end of story), pb (thought by Qwill to mean poisoned beef, but it is also the chemical symbol for lead), KVR (ordering his favorite new treat, no doubt), and others. He also discovers the joy of tilting pictures, and in doing so, he reveals a patch on the wall. This patch covers a peephole used to keep an eye on things in the River Road Pottery that neighbors Maus Haus. Through this hole Qwill observes Dan throwing some suspicious material in the kiln. Qwill casually asks what they were, and Dan replies that they were just "some old rags." But Qwill had recognized those rags: Joy's clothing.

          Qwill wakes up early one morning to accompany Robert Maus to the Farmer's Market. The houseboy, William Vitello, is supposed to accompany them, but he never seemed to have come home from his mother's the night before. Qwill doesn't think anything of it right that minute, but he consults the Penniman School of Art - no William - and a young lady claiming she's his girlfriend has seen neither hide nor hair of him as well.

          Qwill also meets and romances Rosemary Whiting, part owner of a health food store obnoxiously called the Healthy Welthy. She's a young looking, and Qwill is surprised to learn she's a grandmother. Rosemary cleans out her yarn basket one day and presents the Siamese with a ball of gray yarn.

          One night, Qwill is awakened by a big thump and a crash, and the suspect accused of making Joy and William disappear, is entangled in a beautiful web of yarn created by one of the Siamese.

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