Lilian's Writing Career Timeline

          • THREE YEARS OLD - Lilian requests that her mother teach her how to read and write so she can communicate with her grandma who lived 20 miles away.
          • TWELVE YEARS OLD - wrote a gory French historical novel that went unfinished
          • HIGH SCHOOL - wrote for school paper
          • SIXTEEN YEARS OLD - graduated from high school; sold articles to Baseball Magazine and Sporting News under the pseudonym Ward Jackson
          • AGE 16/17 - wrote "spoems" (sport poems) for the Detroit Times: six per week for the entire baseball season and part of football season
          • AFTER DETROIT TIMES - copy writer for department store
          • SHORTLY AFTER COPY WRITER - ended up spending fifteen years with another department store where her final title with them was Director of Public Relations
          • AFTER LEAVING PR POSITION - Lilian married, so she stayed home and wrote short stories, "Madame Phloi", first three Cat Who mysteries, etc.; found that to be lonely work
          • AFTER THE FIRST THREE CAT WHO BOOKS - Lilian is offered a position doing a special section for the Detroit Free Press. The section is to cover decorating, antiques, art, architecture, preservation, and the like. She is there for thirty years
          • AFTER ABOUT 18 YEARS WITH THE DETROIT FREE PRESS - begins to start writing our favorite Cat Who stories again
          • PRESENT - has 22 Cat Who books to date, and we're always waiting for more!

          Lilian's Inspiration

          Other Stuff to Know About Lilian Jackson Braun

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