Time to take a look at my life in all it's glory (glory? what's that?).....I used to have it so all the pics loaded on one page, but it got to be a pain in the butt waiting for everything to load, and since every I know seems to have a different size monitor, the alignment of the pics is NEVER right. So now you're just gonna have to click on the link to each and every pic you wanna look at and go from there....it's a pain, but would you rather click on something, or wait for 30-some pics to load? You make the call :P

      Me, Glamour Shots pic, Mother's Day, 1997

      Another Glamour Shots pic of me, Mother's Day, 1997

      Senior pic, 1995

      Another Senior pic, 1995

      Junior year (high school) pic, September, 1993

      Me at 5 years old (Kindergarten pic)

      Me at approximately 3-4 years old

      The Scholens (me, mom Pat, dad Mike)
      with me about 3 years old

      My house, taken a LONG time ago

      My kitty Pooh Bear

      Pooh Bear posing in silhouette

      Pooh Bear - this is the life!

      Casey and Fazzie, two cats I grew up with

      My cousin Colin

      My 1995-96 roommates at St. Cloud State
      (Michele, me, Kim, Sally)

      A HUGE stuffed Simba I got for X-mas one year

      Casey going night night!

      Another pic of Casey and Fazzie

      A really cool sand castle at the '92 MN State Fair

      Me and my dog Winslow, a dog I grew up with

      4 generations of Scholens. Great Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, and Me

      Winslow posing

      Fazzie being humiliated by my mom

      Casey peeking out from a paper bag

      Jodie catching some rays

      Ooops! Casey found the laundry...

      Casey and Jodie hanging out

      Casey crashing the Nativity scene

      Casey s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g!

      Jodie posing

      Dad & me....no idea when this was taken

      Mom & me....same day

      The Car & me....same day

      Pretty in Pink

      I used to think I was just so darn cute :)

      Me on my 6th birthday

      That's all, folks!