Life's just SO rough for someone as gorgeous as me...

          I am absolutely FABULOUS :) I won an award, and I'm not very modest about it either, so.....TAKE A LOOK and revel in my wonderfulness! :) They even put a story up about ME!

          Thank may now return to your regularly scheduled worshipping of me.

*Sigh* I CAN'T BELIEVE it's taken my humans THIS LONG to get me my own site up on the web! Sure... my PICTURES have been up for all to see (but, alas, fairly unadvertised) for a couple of years now, but my own page? that so much to ask? Well, anyway, my name is Pooh Bear, a.k.a. Pooh, or Poobers, or Goober, or whatever other godawful nicknames my humans can come up with for me.

I originally came to live with the.... I think they call themselves something like....Scholen's? yeah, that must be it....well I originally came to live with them when I was cavorting happily in a woodpile and, darnit! Someone found me, and dragged me out, and was going to take me home with them. Apparently there was this really handsome cat named Tigger that I was going to live with, and they had to be really cute and give us names that matched, so that's how I became Pooh Bear. But then these other people with Tigger decided that they couldn't take on another cat, so they handed me over to a friend of theirs, who happened to be a cat lover.....that's my "mom," Pat. I was sent to live with her and these two other humans named Mike and Kelly (Kelly's the one who is gracing her web page with my presence), and for awhile there was another cat there, too (I didn't get to see her much 'cause we fought and hissed I got chased by her and EVERYTHING...and now she's gone....), but now it's just me, and I have the run of the house, and of COURSE I get treated like a queen.

My humans think I'm really weird.... jeez! Just because I try to cover up a bowl that had tuna scrapings in it instead of swooning with joy and licking clean does NOT mean I am a freak of nature, thank you very much :P~ And JUST because I prefer to drink out of the toilet..... oh ewww...maybe I SHOULD get out of that habit....never know what's going on in THERE! And besides, that's something that *shudder*... DOGS do. Man, I need help...

BUT ANYWAY! I AM spoiled. I guess I DO have to admit to that. I have full run of the house, I'm allowed up on JUST about any piece of furniture I want, specific pieces of furniture in the house were either designed or modified specifically for yours truly by my humans, and....GET THIS. I've got my OWN HAMSTER! And I don't even eat him or ANYTHING :) My humans decided that since all three of them work all day long that I probably get lonely (not necessarily true....they have NO CLUE what kind of havoc I can create, and hide, when they're gone, but then again, they don't have to know that, right?), so they brought home a hamster. They keep his cage on the floor, and I'm really good about not trying to get in there to play with him. After all, if I was caught in some unauthorized play with the hamster, he might get taken away, right?

Anyway, he's a gray and white teddy bear hamster named Wally. He's REALLY cool! Not too long ago, he got LOOSE! Kelly came home from work at midnight, went upstairs to get something to drink (didn't turn on the light in the kitchen because she didn't want to disturb anyone), and she almost STEPPED on him! EEK! She was surprised, but she decided that since she didn't know if anyone else knew if he was loose, she and I were gonna go on a Hamster Stakeout. That was so FUN! She tried catching him with her hands the first time she saw him (he was coming out from under the refrigerator at that time), and it didn't work since he doesn't like to be in anyone's hands, so he ran under the stove. So Kelly grabbed a really big plastic drinking cup, turned all but the stove light off, and waited. We sat watching the stove for 20 minutes and....nothing. So Kelly got a lid and put some food on it, and whatdya know? He was hungry, and he came sauntering out from under the stove like there was absolutely nothing wrong with him roaming around the house in the middle of the night. PHEW! So we caught him, and my little Wally is now safe at home. I'm proud of myself (okay, Kelly too, I guess, since she DID do most of the work) for catching him without hurting him. I bet my "mom" is proud of me, too!

Okay, okay, okay....I won't talk any more. I just get so carried AWAY talking about myself! Let me show you some of MY favorite stuff on the web!

See some more pics of me (and of my humans) at Kat's Pix

More coming soon! Be patient!
My human just started this page TODAY, November 28, 1998!

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