The cutest couple ever :)
      Bob Johnson and Kelly Scholen

      Other pics of us:
      Kat 'n' Bob
      Kat 'n' Bob again
      Kat 'n' Bob yet AGAIN :)

      Country music has some of the absolute best music ever, in my opinion. There's definitely something for every occasion, as well as every possible feeling and emotion in the book. I'm going to include several songs here that have special meaning for me because they describe our relationship so perfectly...

      "From This Moment On..." is a song I would love to dance to at our wedding down the road....

      This list is UNDER'll be done as soon as I get a few more lyrics :)

      Check out Bob's Valentine gift to me!

      About Us

      I first met Bob on a talker that we both frequent called Resort, but I met Bob IRL on a fluke....I was SUPPOSED to fly out to New York, but the guy I was SUPPOSED to see (who, ironically enough was ALSO named Bob) cancelled out on me. So I still had all this vacation time left, and I mentioned to THIS Bob that I wanted something to do something with my vacation time. So he said, Hey, why don't you drive on out to Kenosha (WI) and stay with me? So I said, hell, why not? And off I went for Kenosha.....and it took a day or so, but we realized that we were too weird NOT to be together, and there it goes from there :) And it's been, like, a year and a half since this all happened (July 1, 1997 was when it all began)! Ain't it COOL?? :)

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