This is a poem that Bob found and sent me for Valentine's Day. I think it's really sweet. Read on, and enjoy sappy thoughts :)


        Gently caress my cheek
        Tell me it's for our love you've seeked
        There's this feeling inside of me,
        like a magical melody
        Your love is so tender and real
        I crave it when it's too far to really feel
        Look deeply into my eyes
        Please don't ever tell me lies
        Such a stirring for you I feel
        It's because you simply have so much appeal.

        I'm so devoted to you
        No one could make me feel the way you do
        I feel so safe when you're around
        I fear, to the point of no return I'm bound
        I've fallen for you way too deep
        If you ever left, into the earth my heart would surely seep
        Your heart shelters me from all that is bad
        Just love me back
        and then nothing will I lack
        Forget all the sorrow
        Just look forward to tomorrow

        So kissable are your lips
        When you're near, my heart does little flips
        For you is what I long
        This is all part of Love's Sweet Song
        Hold me in your arms
        Nobody else could match your charms
        Lay my head on your chest
        For only then can I really rest
        So clasp me ever so tight
        Every day and every night
        Let me know how you feel
        For my love is so simple and real

        It's time to listen closely to Love's Sweet Song
        For it's been that soft melody that was right all along.

        Check out the web site that Bob made me for Valentine's Day!

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