The guidelines for each is as follows:

          For ALL types of pages:
            Big no-nos
          • No porn, racism, or hate will be tolerated! Any sites submitted to me containing any of those things will be immediately thrown out of consideration for my award.

          • Swearing is *somewhat* okay. PLEASE keep it to a minimum, though... I don't want to see f and s words (and others) all over the place.

          • Okay...BIG pet peeve here. PlEaSe dOn'T sUbMiT a SiTe tO Me tHaT'S tyPeD eNTiReLY lIkE thIs. Man....yes, I know my title on my main page is typed like that, but truly, that is about ALL I can take. I don't have very good eyesight as it is...and when I have to put up with that? NO WAY.

          • Most people did a lot better in grammar classes than they show on their sites. Spell check is good, proof reading is good, grammar is good. Please don't annoy me with words that are spelled so badly that I don't know what word you're trying to use. Again, I can tolerate a little bit, but not much.

          • Pop-up boxes that you put up yourself (solicitations to sign your guestbook, or vote for you in a site fight, or whatever) DRIVE ME UP A TREE. To me, those aren't cool, professional looking tricks. They're kind of like a "Danger: Keep Out" sign, 'cause most likely I will turn around and leave your site. Same with too many animated gifs, java applets, midis, and everything else that takes forever and a day to load.

            Things that I DO look for:
          • Good design and html is important. I can understand (and I can tell) if you are just learning, and if your site has not been up very long. But usually the longer you do something, the better you get at it. If you haven't learned ANYTHING about html and basic layout in design, and your page has been up for three years, your site probably won't qualify.

          • Does it give me a headache with the colors? I can't tell you what a good combination of colors does for a website. Heck, I tend to like websites that have good color and graphics and no content better than I like good content with clashing color and design. Think about it :)

          • Content is important. Doesn't matter what kind. Does your site have a purpose? Or do you just say, this is my site, end of story?

          • Most importantly, do I like your site?
          • Oh, and did you SIGN MY GUESTBOOK??? PLEASE don't just put, great site, or I want your award. Please, look over my site and say something meaningful. I promise it will earn you extra bonus points!

          Katerina's Excellent Mystery Site Award:

          Same guidelines as above, but for this one your site must also have at least one of the following:

          • A page on a favorite mystery author
          • A page on a favorite mystery book/series
          • Some sort of mysterious content (ghosts, true crime, etc.)
          • Etc. (pending my approval)

          **I will also be looking for signs of actual work/research put into your page. I like to learn something.**

          Katerina's Excellent Cat Site Award:

          Again, same main guidelines, but please have at least one of the following (or something resembling one of the following) on your site:
          • A factual page about cats, domestic or wild
          • A page promoting controlling the cat population (spay, neuter, etc.)
          • A page promoting kindness and not cruelty to cats
          • A page telling us all about your own cat(s)
          • Cat fiction or non-fiction writings
          • Etc. (pending my approval)

          **I will also be looking for signs of actual work/research put into your page. I like to learn something.**

          Any site not applying for the Cat or Mystery award will receive my Kat's Picks for Groovy Sites award.

          Still interested?

          Good. Go on to Submit Your Site.
          OR see samples of the award(s) you are applying for!

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