These are the winners of Kat's Picks for Groovy Sites award!

          This list is growing! Keep those submissions coming!

          Kat's Picks for Groovy Sites
          Magus' Weird Page
          *Erelene's Homepage*
          The Sergei Experience
          Grymlin's Home Page
          Tina's World
          Sten Lassen, Home of Smile
          Kathi's Garden
          The Maverick Homepage
          The Sermon Illustrator
          The Homework Doctor
          Steve's Trek Page
          Jenny's Gym-n-Stuff
          Linas Lair
          The Official Kevin Sharp Home Page
          My Little World
          The Robotech Page
          Boopaholics Anonymous
          Madman Online
          Smilin' Buddha
          Canadian Classic Rock Page
          Looking For Someone? Find Them Here
          International Gymnastics
          Simply Sharavana
          Seasons of Change
          Aimee's Studio
          The JavaScript Corner
          Ang's Cozy Corner
          the mediocre homepage
          Home Page of G.W.F. Albrecht
          Chateau of Devotion
          Hit the Marc!
          Home of the Labatt Blues Brothers
          Storm Wolf
          Our Irish Roots
          Phalanx's Realm
          The REG Temple: Richard E. Grant's unofficial homepage
          Franco's Cybertemple
          Australian Ghost Hunter's Society
          The Sea
          Clan Byron
          Silence of the Lambs - The Sequel Page
          Guidance Center ONline
          Standing in the Rain
          I Rather Be
          Manic Xpression
          A Touch of Magick
          Only A Shadow
          The Dabble Diner
          Nicholas' Place
          Cyndy's Home Page
          Bobby's Home Page
          Marc's Place
          Heather's Hideout
          Sandi's Shack
          Limelight Theatre
          Savage Winter's Audio Site
          Circle Time E-Zine
          Crayola Family Play
          Brad Renfro Online
          Leonardo DiCaprio Album
          Home of the Silly Goose
          Iceprincess' Realm
          A Derek Jeter Fantasy
          Hasta La Pasta
          Truff's Stuff
          Sabine's Rottweiler Page
          Night Owl's
          Planet Phlanx
          *Melanie's Autograph Page*
          The Unofficial Sara Gilbert Fan Page
          ReNATssance Art

          Katerina's Excellent Cat Site Award
          Muffin the Cat's Homepage

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