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          *- Non-recurring character

          NameSeen First In:Who s/he is
          Cage, ElizabethBreakfastSee Elizabeth Appelhardt
          * Carmichael, ColinMountainEditor of the Spudsboro Gazette
          Carmichael, DanielleCheeseWillard's wife. Clothing style is flashy, gaudy, and revealing. Former nightclub performer. Voice sounds electronic.
          Carmichael, J. WillardCheeseFirst manager, then president of the Pickax People's Bank. Killed by a hired killer Down Below.
          Cavendish, JennyThiefRuth's sister. Qwill rescued their cat from behind an appliance (cat's names are Propinquity and Equanimity - Pinky and Quinky for short). Retired schoolteacher from whom Qwill borrows margarita supplies
          Cavendish, RuthThiefRetired schoolteacher and sister of Jenny. See Jenny Cavendish for additional information.
          * Chisholm, ZellaThereQuieter, more submissive sister of Grace Chisholm Utley. Never married. Isn't flashy like her sister. Collected teddy bears with Grace until the entire collection was stolen. Moved to Minneapolis after that.
          * ClaudeClosetLast name of Sprott. Owner of the Park of Pink Sunsets. Companion is Betty.
          CluthraOn/OffOne of the Three Weird Sisters. Man hungry and was always after Qwill. Oldest of the three. Redhead.
          Cobb, C. C.On/OffOwner of the Junkery antique shop in Junktown. Married to Iris Cobb. Obnoxious and pretends to be a jerk, especially to his wife, but there was more love and affection lurking in him than anyone could ever tell outright. Murdered while scrounging in an abandoned house.
          Cobb, IrisOn/OffCo-owned the Junkery with her husband C. C. Pleasant, large woman . Son Dennis lives in St. Louis, Missouri. First husband died of food poisoning. Second husband C.C. Cobb murdered while scrounging. Third husband Herb Hackpole dies in a fire he set several days after their wedding. Housekeeper for Qwill, excellent cook, and licensed appraiser of antiques. Died of an apparent heart attack shortly before she was set to open an antique shop in Pickax with Susan Exbridge.
          Compton, LisaUndergroundLyle's wife. In charge of patient activities at the Senior Care Facility.
          Compton, LyleUndergroundSuperintendent of Pickax schools. Blunt man who's never afraid to speak his mind. Tells blood curdling stories about the history of Scotland.
          * Corcoran, ShirleyCardinalChief librarian in Lockmaster. Good friend of Polly. Polly's cat Bootsie came from one of her litters.
          * Cottle, ClemUndergroundYoung man who Qwill hires to build some steps and an addition at his cabin. Works for his father at his chicken farm as well. Found to be murdered.
          * Crocus, GerardClosetElderly man who lives in the Park of Pink Sunsets. Fond of Mrs. Euphonia Gage.
          Cuttlebrink, DerekShakespeare 6'7" young man. Waiter at the Old Stone Mill. Interests are food, sleuthing, girls, and acting, not necessarily in that order. Taking classes in Restaurant Management at the new community college.

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