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          *- Non-recurring character

          NameSeen First In:Who s/he is
          Bamba, Dominic (Nick)BrahmsEngineer at the prison who first opens an inn with his wife Lori, then quits his job at the prison to manage the new Cold Turkey Farm
          Bamba, LoriBrahmsWife of Nick. Formerly postmistress in Mooseville. Quits there to become Qwill's part-time secretary. Then she runs the Domino Inn with Nick. Presently she owns and runs a business called The Spoonery on Stables Row. Lori is Qwill's "cat guru." Lori and Nick have many kids and cats.
          Barter, GeorgeMountainattorney with Hasselrich, Bennett, and Barter. Handles some sensitive issues for Qwill.
          Bates, HaroldBackwardsManaging editor for the Daily Fluxion. Known as Percy because of his excessive (and annoying) use of "per se."
          * Beadle, HarrietBreakfastRuns Harriet's Family Café. Island native. Spent high school years on the mainland and then returned to live and operate her restaurant on the island.
          * Beechum, ChrysalisMountainWeaver on Little Potato. Dewey Beechum's daughter.
          * Beechum, DeweyMountainBuilds a gazebo for Qwill - forgets to make a door! Chrysalis' father.
          * Beechum, ForestMountainArtist accused of killing J.J. Hawkinfield on Father's Day.
          * Beechum, "Ma"MountainWeaver on Little Potato. Doesn't speak. Has "healing hands."
          * BennoWhistlea.k.a. James Henry Ducker
          Berry, IngaRedPottery Dept. head at Penniman School of Fine Art. Qwill consults her about art, artists, and the pottery making process.
          * Bessinger, DianneHighPart owner of Bessinger-Todd art gallery. Murdered at the Casablanca. Was married to her gallery partner, Jerome Todd.
          * BettyClosetManages the Park of Pink Sunsets with Claude. Was seen in Pickax at the premiere of the Big Burning.
          Blythe, GregoryPost OfficeFormer high school principal. Currently Pickax City mayor and investment counselor.
          * Bolton, ButchyBackwardsSculpts in welded metal. Teaches this art at the Penniman School of Fine Art.
          * Boswell, VeronaGhostsLives with Vince Boswell and masquerades as his wife. Her real name is Verona Whitmoor, and she has a young child named Baby.
          * Boswell, VinceGhosts2nd cousin to Susan Exbridge and Larry Lanspeak. Catalogues antique printing presses. Qwill avoids him as much as possible because of his loud, piercing voice. Real name: Vince Bosworth.
          *Boulanger, JacquesDanishalias: Jack Baker. Runs Sorbonne Studio. Jack/Jacques pretends to be French, and his clients pretend not to know he's not French.
          Breze, GeorgeCloset"One-man conglomerate." Once ran for mayor (platform was keeping the streets clean). Was interviewed by Qwill at campaign time and looked foolish. His campaign got him only two votes.
          Brodie, AndrewPost OfficePickax police chief. Father to Francesca. One of Qwill's good friends - shares Qwill's Scottish heritage. Often comes over for a drink and shared privileged infomation with Qwill, and Qwill provides clues that he and the cats have sniffed out.
          Brodie, FrancescaPost OfficeDaughter to the police cheif. Assistant to Amanda Goodwinter. Much involved in the Theatre Club.
          BrunoBackwardsPress Club bartender. Also an artist (works on collages) and collects swizzle sticks.
          * Buchwalters, TheDanishSadie always speaks for Franz, her husband. Franz teachs at the Penniman School and does watercolors. Sadie is a social worker.
          Bunsen, OddBackwardsPhotographer for the Daily Fluxion. He's loud and obnoxious... you just have to love him. He lives in Happy View Woods with his wife and his "five..no, six" kids.
          Bushland, JohnUndergroundKnown as Bushy as a joke about his thinning hairline. Photographer with a studio in Lockmaster until Vicki divorces him. Currently he has a studio in Pickax and does photos for the Moose County Something.
          Bushland, VickiUndergroundJohn's wife until she divorces him to open a catering business with an officer of the riding club who's interest in Vicki isn't just professional.

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